VE-GA history

Category: Információk Published: Saturday, 06 December 2014
VE-GA Children and Youth Association – named after the star Vega – was founded in 1978 in Szentes by high school students supported by the young Korom couple, Pál and Anikó.
As the initiative was driven by the needs and problems of the participants, the activities were diverse, e.g. sports team, handicrafts club, sci-fi club. Members of the workshop group had chance to carry out researches and write essays on any topics they were interested in.
The standardizing youth policies of the 1980’s influenced the life of VE-GA, as it did not fit in any categories of the regime. The pressure eased when VE-GA joined the peace-movement. After the change of the political regime VE-GA became a unique phenomenon, being the only one out of the previously existing several official and opposition organizations that have preserved its original identity throughout the years.
After the change of the regime VE-GA officially became an association, and in 1998 gained the title „of public utility”.