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Category: Információk Published: Thursday, 05 September 2013

The Children and Youth Union of VE-GA is a national NGO for the defence and assertion of the rights of the children and youth. It has approximatly 2000 members, between 10 and 30 year-old. It is an essential aim to help the youngsters to be independent citizens who keep not only their national identity but their healthy localpatriotism too. We initiate wide-ranging activities and trainings for developing their public life and we organize regularly summer camps and cultural activities with and for them.
President: Mr. Pál Korom
The Children and Youth Union of VE-GA / VE-GA Gyermek és Ifjúsági Szövetség 
Kossuth u. 17.
6600 Szentes
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Webpage: www.ve-ga.hu

b_250_250_16777215_00_images_magyartes_VE-GA_2013_tábor.JPGThe NGO named after the star Vega was founded in 1978 as an opposition organisation, and it included your people in their teenage and in their twenties. The aims of the Association is to create an autonomous civil life, participation in forming social peace, protecting the environment, creating a harmonious natural and living environment. Its aims include protecting the rights of children and young people who need it, helping the formation of youth civil life in cooperation with local NGOs, municipal authorities and government agencies. Local groups of the VE-GA Children and Youth Association organise informal, ex-school trainings for teachers and adult animators, as well as for teenager leaders and animators. The Association organises camps for children and youth, with an emphasis on those with social disadvantages and Hungarian youth living abroad.
In the course of Euro-Atlantic integration we have built international relationship with youth NGOs at home and abroad. In the past years we have created bilateral relationships with youth NGOs of several EU member states. Now we think to be mature enough to participate in trilateral projects. This way delegates of the VE-GA have joined two international trainings. One of these is on the methodology if intercultural education, the other concentrates on the preparation and realisation trilateral projects.