Honourable Funeral

Category: Információk Published: Saturday, 05 September 2020


As news is spreading about the existence of this book, these questions come up more and more often: „Is it worth making an issue out of the elimination of a local youth council? There are so many more important issues in a town!”

I don’t agree. The future of a settlement is determined by its teenagers, by its youth. However, it is only true if they get the opportunity to play an active role in the life of their town, if they have a say in topics that affect them. At the same time, it is a general tendency that the local presence of the youth, the students in the public life is decreasing. In Hungary the schools don’t even belong to the local governments (representing the local society) any more. Even earlier, student councils did not have a strong role.
It is understandable, but – to me – not acceptable that nobody writes about youth public life, about youth and school councils. It is kind of embarrassing to mention this topic even among friends or family, as they say it is not worth the word, this topic would not receive any attention.
In this book I initiate a debate about and for this. What had been accompished and lived by a multitude of teenagers, students, teachers, parents, civil activists is a unique treasure. It is unacceptable to let this be demolished without any consequence. It just cannot vanish without a trace.
Throughout this all, I have had my lifelong partner sharing everything with me – my loving wife, Anikó.

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