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Category: Információk Published: Saturday, 06 December 2014

b_250_250_16777215_00_images_magyartes_taborkozpont_terasz_felol.jpgVE-GA rented a partly ruined building (formerly village centre) in Magyartés, 10 km from Szentes town, from the council of Szentes. The building was renovated by entrepreneurs, parents and students of Szentes town, and the youth of VE-GA, and now it serves as training centre and camping place of VE-GA.
Magyartés has only 300 residents. It lies close to the Hármas-Körös river next to a nature conservation area. The main building of the training centre is suitable to host 30 people in two rooms. It has a kitchen suitable for warming the meals; two bathrooms in the house and additional toilets and basins outside; a theatre room with wooden floor and a separate apartment for the camp leaders. The garden is suitable for putting up several tents.
We kept the prices very low, only enough to maintain the building, as our primary aim is to make our programmes accessible for anyone without cousing serious finantial problems for the parents, schools and youth organizations – it is well known that they have limited financial tools.
In one season we have 10 tematic camps, 2 training camps, a summer university, international camps and forest schools here.
About our camps:

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