SZIDÖK manifesto

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Szentes Youth and Student Council (SZIDÖK)


What is SZIDÖK?

Elected, delegated town council of the youth and students of Szentes town.b_250_250_16777215_00_images_szidok_manifesztum_szidok_manifeszt_2.jpg

Who are its members?

Members are students of the elementary and secondary schools of our town, and teenagers delegated by the local youth NGOs.

Short story of SZIDÖK

In 1992 the Municipal Government of Szentes town and VE-GA Children and Youth Association started to work together to lay down the foundations of a youth and student council. They have created the Town Student Cellar (a community space for local students) and the Training and Camp Center in Magyartés (a camping facility 10 km from the town of Szentes where the trainings and gatherings can be held) – these are both essential community spaces for operation. They have also created the necessary monetary conditions.
Szentes Children and Youth Roundtable (GYIKA) was formed in 1995 which prepared and organized the first SZIDÖK election. SZIDÖK was formed in 1998.

What does SZIDÖK do?

• Observes the activities of the body of representatives regarding the topics concerning children and youth.
• Makes recommendations and creates proposals.
• Aims to translate and transmit the needs and problems of the youth to the decision-makers through personal relationships and research programs.
• Organizes events – mainly assemblies and camps – and issues applications, contests.
• Its members and supporters meet weekly (3 PM Friday) in the Town Student Cellar. This is the place for personal information exchanges and various trainings.
• SZIDÖK manages the Alternative Playhouse and the youth and children groups and organizations whose activities are located in the Cellar.

How can you join the activities of SZIDÖK even if you are not an elected representative?b_250_250_16777215_00_images_szidok_manifesztum_szidok_manifeszt_4.jpg

• Look around on our website.
• See our Facebook page by searching for "Szentesi IDÖK".
• You can find us on Fridays in the Town Student Cellar (Kossuth street no. 8).
• You can take part in our trainings, researches and applications.
• You can join our teen assistant group and perform community service.

Contact info:


Mailing address: 6600 Szentes, Kossuth square no. 6, Hungary
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Personally, you can visit us at Kossuth L. street no. 8, the flat in front of the post office, using the back entrance, behind the building of the Land Register.